Did You Know? About Returns?

It’s that time of year when we are all hurrying to finish some holiday shopping. But maybe you went out and got the perfect gift only to find the recipient already purchased it, or it wasn’t the right size. What do you do? Well there are some places that are really awesome at returning items from customers and make the it worry-free. We all know that this time of year can be a pain to stand in long return lines (and don’t even start thinking about what those lines look like after the holidays!), but it’s nice to know that there are some places that you can go and not be badgered or turned away because of a missing or outdated receipt. Here are just some places that I’ve shopped at and returned items hassle-free:

Costco//  I love this store. It has so many items and buying in bulk is always fun except when it’s time to pay for that 30 pack of deodorant that you picked up. (but between us, it was a good buy right?!) We purchased most of our wedding beer from this store – it was cheap and they had a good supply. And the best part? You can return the un-used booze! We double-checked their return policy before we purchased any alcohol and found that it was not in a restricted category – sweet! We had 12 cases of Miller Lite left over from our July 2013 wedding (we either bought way too much or we had light drinkers), and because we hung on to our receipt and returned within the required amount of time – we had zero problem getting our money back.

Target// Although Target can be a nightmare around the holidays – really, who isn’t shopping there this time of year? But it’s a good place to return items – especially if you can’t find your receipt. They have credit card look up. Go bonanza and purchased a ton of baking items recently (we totes did) and forgot who paid for it or where your receipt is? No problem! Bring the card you think you paid for it with and they can return items without a receipt – but only if that was the correct card you purchased your items with. It’s helpful, especially for those of us that shopping at Target a lot and have zero idea where that one receipt is buried at!

Binnys// Do you live near a Binny’s? If not, they’re a liquor store – a chain liquor store that’s kinda pretty nice. We bought a lot of our liquor from Binny’s for our wedding and when we had to return two handles of vodka and some mixer, we had no problemo! We still had our receipt and the bottles were un-opened – but the product was taken and returned at the purchased price with zero issue!

Vera Bradley// One of my favorite purse stores – Vera has awesome prints that change or update pretty frequently. We’re lucky enough to live near a VB factory store where we can get some amazing deals on bags and wallets. I purchased a work bag there last year – something big enough to carry my laptop and papers and stuff and fell in love with the tote that I picked out. It was sturdy enough to support my heavy computer and roomy enough to allow me to stash other items in the bag. It has a ton of pockets both inside and outside of the bag that make storing small items like pens and Tylenol super easy! I also use this bag frequently as my “personal item” when flying because I can stash a ton of stuff in there. Anyways, the first bag I bought was a deep magenta/red and when it rained really bad one day – the color ended up bleeding in a few spots. At a conference a few months later, I met a rep from VB who told me that the bags shouldn’t bleed and I can take it into any VB store to exchange with no problem. I didn’t believe him – and I didn’t have my receipt but attempted the return anyways. To my surprise, I showed the cashier my bleeding bag and she immediately took it and told me to grab a new one! A brand new one! And this time around they had the original print I wanted!!

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here’s my girl in her usual spot at work

Do you have any favorite stores to return items at? What was your worst return story?

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